PanoramaKnife is a view and a reflection. A memory. An emotion. An idea that appeared out of the mist on a beautiful and clear Wednesday morning. During a tour along the Lake Constance in September, near Ermatingen (Switzerland). Creatively looking at the Säntis and it`s neighbouring mountains. It`s ability to cut bread and other fine things extremely well is secondary. The main thing ist the daily recovery of a good feeling.

We are a small family business driven by the aim to point out the finer things in life and make them a real experience. For all those of us who like to see what is not always obvious.

Visit us, if you want. The same passion and philosophy is applied by us running the small boutique hotel Ermatingerhof in Ermatingen. Your visit will put you at the origins of the knife. You can experience it live when cutting your breakfast bread or Frau Segers bread plait. Owners of a PanoramaKnife will also get the PanoramaKnife drink free for every overnight stay.

Klötzli Knife-Forgery.

H.P. Klötzli represents the 5th generation of knife-smiths in Burgdorf. With his wife Bea and the 6th generation, Samuel and Nina, they also run a shop at Rathausgasse in Bern.

H.P. is the president of the organisation of Swiss knife-smiths and probably the most competent man in this sharp business.

Klötzlis also offer a wide range of their own knives, wonderful jack-knives and scissors, as well as acting as distributors of other fine Swiss brands.
At PanoramaKnife they look after the technical issues and developments. They watch over the production and guarantee the proverbial Swiss quality.

Edelweiss in Premana/IT.

Premana is a small village in the Orobic Alps, east of Lake Como. For a few months during the wild 15th century, this part of Italy was actually also part of the Swiss confederation.

Also for 100th of years the knife- and scissors manufacturing has been part of this village thanks to large ore reserves in the valley. 150 small and smallest family enterprises produce nearly all of the Italian, and some foreign, demand for cutlery and cutting devices.

The 4 brothers and their sisters and sons grind our blades individually by hand with a deep love for detail.